Tonight’s beer of choice: Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre

I’m a big fan of American “mirco” brews. I know Dogfish Head is pretty large as far as breweries go these days, but they are still thousands of degrees smaller than their American competitors. Plus, they make really tasty beer, which I love.

I’m really looking forward to starting up my brew again. I used to LOVE brewing beer, but had to sell my entire kit off when I went to Kentucky for my volunteer service (Something I touched on in this post about Volunteering) but I used to love brewing my own beer.

I know several people here in town that also brew, so I am excited to bring some of my recipes to them and have brew parties, and drinking parties. Beer is one of those thigns I never thought I would get into, but has become a major interest point in my life for a number of years. It is likely that I never thought it would play a role in my life because my parents only drank beer to get drunk, so any cheap watery substance would suffice. They drank Bud Light (actually last time I saw them they were drinking Natural Ice, which made me vomit in my throat a little). Therefore growing up I didn’t know that there was this entire flavor range in beer that was virtually unknown to people.

I feel a little sorry for people who live outside of America in regards to beer variety. I mean as a culture we are known for bland, shitty, mass-produced beer that is full of non-beer ingredients, but when you dig deeper and brush away the Buds, Coors, and Millers you find this vast variety of amazingly flavorful beer that you simply can not find elsewhere in the world.

The funny thing to me is that most of this domestic yuminess is marketed as “import” beer in the stores. It’s as if the stores do not want to recognize that Americans actually CAN brew good beer.


  1. altarflame said: There is a massive liquor store across the street from the falls now that has an entire Target-sized aisle of nothing but obscure beers. You can get a generic 6 pack holder and build your own from individual bottles.
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